Friday, January 16, 2015

In Australia The Great Land

It has inspired the artists and the writers of story and rhyme
This great Land Australia that is so old in time
It's first race of people sixty thousand years old
By scientists and anthropoligists we have been told
The home of marsupials such as wombat, wallaby, koala and kangaroo
Creatures in most other Countries that are only seen in a zoo
And parrots such as rosellas, lorikeets, galahs and white cockatoo
And corellas and budgerigar and the big dark brown weerloo
And big flightless birds emu and cassowary that are widely known
One can say of them they are Australia's own
The home of the wattle and pittosporum and eucalypt tree
In Australia the great Land so much beauty to see
It's wild and rugged beauty to many is known
And one can say of it that it has a charm of it's own.

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