Wednesday, January 21, 2015

In Yangery Today

For most of the morning the sun's lamp behind gray clouds was hidden away
Only spasmodic spells of sunshine in Yangery today
And the weather temperatures a pleasant high of twenty one degrees
With only the slightest of a coastal breeze
That brings with it the pleasant aroma of freshly mown hay
The natural fragrance of Nature in the air today
Though cash crop farmers are hoping for some rain
With such pleasant weather how can one complain
In Yangery in the Moyne Shire ten kilometres from the City of Warrnambool if that little more
And only twelve minutes by car to the Pacific Shore
A place of mixed farming where potatoes are grown
And for it's scenic coastal beauty a place widely known
In Yangery today the weather is pleasant and dry
Though the sun often hidden behind gray clouds of the sky.

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