Monday, January 19, 2015

January In Mushera

In Mushera today the cold wind soughing in the deciduous trees
In weather temperatures close to if not lower than zero degrees
From overnight frost the high fields by the mountain looking gray
You will not hear birdsong by the Boggeraghs today

The steep and narrow Butter Road on it has patches of ice
Those who drive on such roadways must be prepared for to pay the price
Of the cost of damage to your car or to self serious injury
As accidents happen on mountain roads that are not ice free

January in Mushera is a cold and a wet time of year
And in the pine wood by the mountain the cooing of wood pigeons one does not hear
And the sky of rain clouds it is seldom clear
Though with each passing day the Spring one more day near

At a time of year when grass refuse for to grow
And the Boggeraghs often in their hats of snow
Where the high Butter Road through Aubane does wind up and down
Towards it's end at the Tanyard close to Millstreet Town

When January with a cold icy breath does blow
The swollen waterways often bank high do flow
Down the high fields of Mushera from here far away
Where the sun is not likely for to shine today.

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