Saturday, January 3, 2015

Kathy Mary

Whenever i meet Kathy Mary she has a big smile on her face
She never is cranky or grumpy in her mind for such things no space
Unmarried in her early fifties she does not have a man in her life
Though she has had a few part time lovers she never wishes to be anyone's wife
She works in the telephone exchange and at the weekends with her friends socialize
The woman who loves for to party to laughter she always gives rise
She says life's too short to be lonely the woman who laughs every day
She is such a likeable person so charming in her own sweet way
She confesses she has never been in love though this does not bother her one bit
For her age she looks quite attractive with charm and humor and wit
With wavy greying hair to her shoulders that two decades ago was nugget brown
She remains a beautiful woman one of the finest in her side of the town
Whenever i meet Kathy Mary she greets me with a beautiful smile
Such a likeable and friendly person untainted by conceit or guile.

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