Friday, January 30, 2015

Not Many At All

Too old or too young or too fat or too thin
By physical appearance it is not easy to win
Too ugly and lanky and even too tall
Or of poor physical shape as well as too small
Some even at a young age are victims of Nature's own law
Though money a cover for almost every flaw
Since money speaks every language as the wise one does say
Without it one does seem lost in the Human World of today
Body shape especially amongst women nowadays is the in thing
The praises of female physical beauty many of the male kind does sing
But money speaks every language the wealthy sugar daddy his gray hair dyed brown
Walks out hand in hand with the prettiest young woman of the town
In the Human World of today some too thin or too fat or too tall or too small
And of those with the near to perfect body shape not many at all.

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