Sunday, January 11, 2015

Old Billy

He has grown tired of life and living his better days in the long gone
But old Billy was never a quitter with life's battle he will go on
An aging man in his late seventies he has fought his own demons in life
He has had a few women in past years though without children and without a wife

On his best years a renowned shearer in the shearing sheds one of the best
And in the country town pubs he drunk hard with great strength and good health he was blessed
But a heart attack in his early sixties his shearing and drinking days brought to an end
On his giving away of drinking alcohol to himself he has proved a good friend

On the south side of the town in a brick unit old gray haired Billy lives on his own
Though sometimes he feels down in spirit since better days healthwise he has known
In the town park i do meet him sometimes he remains nostalgic for the past
He likes to reminisce on the good days but the good days do not always last

Of life and living he feels weary but he will live for as long as he can
He will never be branded as a quitter the likeable and the brave man
Old Billy to me not a stranger though him i do not meet every day
Too old to return to the lifestyle that he loved that years ago he gave away.

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