Thursday, January 1, 2015

On The Eve Of New Year's Eve

Suppose to be thirty degrees on New Year's Day if the weather forecast you can believe
But it is quite cool and blustery on the eve of New Year's Eve
Without much warmth in the sunshine for the time of year
In the cool spell between the heat waves and warmer weather near
The weather changes quickly one might say acting strange
But then of course we are in the age of Worldwide Climate Change
The brown paddocks dry from sun and wind in need of far more rain
And though we had a few heavy showers this morning the ground has dried out again
In one of the World's driest Countries not near enough of rainfall
But every shower is welcome and better than none at all
Two days ago a top of thirty two today a high of nineteen
And where water irrigators are not in use you will not see any green
The ground does dry out quickly in the thirsty sun and breeze
And on New Year's Day a forecast high of thirty five degrees.

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