Wednesday, January 28, 2015

On Tony Abbott's Latest Gaffe

It is okay for Australia's Prime Minister with the Queen and Prince Philip to enjoy a high tea
But making Philip a Knight of Australia for him and his Liberal Party not a good idea
Tony Abbott one might say has made another huge gaffe
It does seem like the head of the Government is only good for a laugh

At a time when the popularity of him and his Government amongst voters is at an all time low
On his appointment of Philip as a Knight of Australia much intelligence he does not show
On so doing he has only got more voters offside
Will he be Australia's Prime Minister six months from now only time will decide?

Bill Shorten and the Labor party their laughter struggling to suppress
It does seem like Tony has got himself in yet another political mess
Though it is two years till the Liberal-National Party Government the electorate must face
Tony Abbott as Prime Minister the Liberals may well replace

His ability to recover from his many mistakes is under the dark shadow of doubt
As Prime Minister Tony Abbott may well be on his way out
He is not politically astute for want of a better name
And for this he only has himself for to blame

Of making Prince Philip of England of Australia a Knight
He has the Labor Party and all political opponents grinning in delight
Even in his own Party at present he does need every friend
It could well be his time as Prime Minster is coming to an end.

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