Friday, January 2, 2015

People Can Be Deceptive

The man who has known of much material success in his life
Is not nice to his children or to their mother his wife
Admired by the impressionable of his side of the town
It is true about money that it can be your ticket to renown
But he is not all to many that he does appear
With a few alcohols in his wife and two young sons of him live in fear
They are often seen with bruises in public at home he is not a nice husband or dad
In him as a person there is less good than bad
His wife has confided in a close friend that with him she will not stay
That she and their five and six year old sons will go to live in a town far away
One evening when he comes home from his business office they will not be there
They will be on a train to a new life elsewhere
In public he only displays his nicer side
That people can be deceptive cannot be denied.

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