Friday, January 9, 2015

Smokin Joe

The great Smokin Joe in the forever gone
But good memories are bound to live on
Of the great heavyweight boxer that he used to be
His World heavyweight championship fights with Foreman and Ali live in sports history

A World Heavyweigh Boxing Champion four decades ago
A man amongst men then the great Smokin Joe
A fighter who won more championship fights than he lost
But even for champion boxers in boxing there is some physical cost

To his higher self Smokin Joe he was true
And he did fight the best for to give him his due
Gracious in defeat and exuberant in victory
In his lifetime he created his own legacy

A World champion born in South Carolina in the boxing hall of fame
One known as Joe Frazier Smokin Joe his nickname
Amongst the deceased at peace he does lay
One can say of him quite a man on his day.

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