Wednesday, January 14, 2015

To Them I Am One

To them i am one from a place elsewhere
Just one more migrant amongst them from the big World out there
Though they are quite nice people in case you get me wrong
In their tribe i am one who could never belong

Though we do enjoy the taste of similar beer and wine
Their views on life and upbringing quite different to mine
Though some things in common i know we do share
Amongst human beings most surely this is not rare

What is wrong to me to them may seem right
Yet like me they have their inner demons to fight
Since life is only meant to be easy for the privileged few
On this i am not saying anything that is new

When i meet them they always do say good day
A friendly greeting on passing my way
But the bond of friendship between us will not grow
And them i will never really get to know.

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