Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tower Hill

Tower Hill in South West Victoria near Koroit is a historical place
A spiritual home to Budj Bim an old indigenous race
Where emu, koala, grey roo and black wallaby live wild and free
In a volcanic valley where there is so much beauty to see
A place re-vegetated from the paintings of Eugene Von Guerrard an artist in Seasons long gone
Today the old natural beauty of Tower Hill lives on
Where South West Victoria's first people often assembled and had their corroborees
In long gone Summers in the shade of the trees
This was long before Victoria was named for an English Queen
And long before the arrival in the south west of the first European
Going way back in time more than two centuries ago
But that time brings with it changes happens to be so
And on Tower Hill lake one can see and hear
Waterbirds in all Seasons and every day of the year.

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