Saturday, January 31, 2015

What We Do Unto Nature

Due to destruction of Natural Habitat and Climate Change
Many species of birds and animals becoming rare in their natural range
In a World of so much pollution brought about by human greed
Of more environmentally conscious people we are badly in need
More trees are being removed for development by greedy developers every day
And because of this many species of wildlife becoming rarer which does seem sad to say
Because of the removal of their cover birds and small creatures from predators have less places to hide
Sadly far too many human beings are not on Nature's side
All around the World many species of wildlife becoming rare
Not enough of people who are concerned about Nature's welfare
In a time of Climate Change more species are classified as endangered every day
And in extinction us humans no small part does play
What we do unto Nature to our own selves we do
This does apply to everyone and that includes me and you.

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