Thursday, January 8, 2015

When You Lose A Friend

When you lose a friend for whatever reason you are surely the poorer indeed
For friends in your life are important and every friend you do have you do need
So treat your friends with love and kindness since in your life they are hard to replace
For even with good friends to count on at times the challenges of life can be tough to face
Your friends they do never forsake you when life does have you feeling down
When few have no wish for to know you as another sad sack of the town
At such times your friends you are in need of so everytime you lose a friend
In your life you have lost someone to you who is special why otherwise even pretend
You do need all the friends you do have and good friends to say the least few
This is something you would have heard often for this is something that is not new
The saddest thing about the mega rich people is that they do not know who their friends are
Since you cannot buy for yourself true friends with the gift of a house or a car
When you lose a friend you lose someone to you who is special for friends at the best of times rare
Am i telling you something you know of and of which you are already aware?

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