Monday, March 2, 2015

As A Boy And A Young Man

As a boy and a young man i played Gaelic Football
But at that game i was not of any use at all
But the Gaelic Football stars of my young years today walking slow
The years even on the best do eventually show

I feel reasonably happy and healthy for one of my years
And for the past i have no regrets or tears
And though i will never be honored in story and song
I am amongst the lucky to have survived this long

Time and distance has me far south of my first home-place
Where years ago mine to most was a known face
But we all follow the course of our life's destiny
At least anyway this is how it seems to me

As a young man i played Gaelic Football and Soccer and in Road Races did compete
But i never became a sporting hero of Millstreet
But of living six decades and eight years thus far i did survive
And i feel quite happy to be in good health and alive.

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