Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Australian Little Ravens

Medium sized birds i do see and do hear every day
They are quite intelligent of them one can say
Australian little ravens a pale eyed species of crow
My wonder of them only does seem to grow

In thinking of most other species of birds they do seem far ahead
On the verge of the lake in Warrnambool Botanical Gardens i see them dipping hard bread
They have discovered stale bread dipped in water makes it easier to eat
I see with my own eyes this remarkable feat

The saying of birdbrained to them does not apply
By their long drawn out caws they can be recognized by
Of glossy black feathers and pale mischievous eyes
They are rather intelligent i have come to realize

The birds known to many as the pale eyed crow
Though little of their ways i can claim to know
But them i do see every day of the year
And their long drawn out cawing i often do hear.

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