Monday, March 9, 2015

By Being More Kind And Compassionate

By improving in your ways as a person you are making the World better to live in
For to be kind to others is never a sin
You will never become the most popular one in the town
By big noting yourself and verbally putting others down
There is room for improvement in most people if not in all
And any improvement towards a more compassionate you is never too small
Compassion is one of the great gifts and this not a lie
Bestowed on us mortals who are born to die
You are favorably judged if great material wealth you possess
Though money can buy you many things it cannot buy you happiness
Of your accumulated material gains do not feel too proud
Remember pockets for money will be of no use to you in your burial shroud
Though the admiration of the impressionable masses you never may win
By being more kind and compassionate you make the World better to live in.

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