Friday, March 13, 2015


Not one tied to any one place the wandering way of life he enjoy
It has been a long time since Campbell was a boy
Through the big Country Australia he travels up and down
The fellow who has been in many a town

With aged brown hat covering his bushy brown greying hair
And fuzzy greying beard windblown from life in the open air
Quite a hairy fellow of him one can say
If the majority were like him of barbers and hairdressers there would not be many today

Under the open sky with darkness all around
Campbell often sleeps on his swag on the ground
He has walked many a kilometer without a partner or wife
But he seemingly enjoys the rough nomadic life

The man who could never settle anywhere
At the Port Fairy Folk Festival in early March he is always there
He sings and dances and recites poetry and enjoys drinking beer
Wherever Campbell is he does add to the cheer

In every village and town in the brown countryside
Old Campbell the swaggie is known far and wide
He will travel the highways and the byways till his life journey end
The fellow who treats everyone as a friend.

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