Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kim Kruger

Kim Kruger she did have a birthday of late
And doubtless she is one who did celebrate
In a party with friends and family of laughter and cheer
And lots of good food washed down with champagne and beer

Kim a likeable person her praises ought to be sung
Perhaps in her early forties but for her age she looks young
An intelligent woman well informed and bright
Of success one can say that she has scaled the height

A down to earth person free of any guile
Kim Kruger is one i have not seen for awhile
Of knowledge and wisdom and insight to share
A bit of time listening to her one could spare

Doubtless her glass of cheer it was full to the brim
When her friends at the party sang happy birthday to Kim
A woman of substance well liked and well known
One can say of her in a class of her own.

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