Thursday, March 19, 2015

Liking Does Have To Go Both Ways

How can you be nice to the people who in their words heap scorn on you
Since liking does have to go both ways i only do say what is true
But do never give way to hating since hatred does poison the mind
Never wish upon others bad things even though to you they have been unkind
They do get their comeuppance bullies what goes around comes around as they say
When you sow the seeds of bad Karma you must reap what you have sown one day
Just leave those who are mean to you to Karma and they will reap what they have sown
But Karma rewards in a good way those who to others kindness has shown
How can you like one who disrespects you who verbally keeps putting you down
Such a person only knows how to lose friends and never becomes the most popular one in the town
But never do give way to hating for hating can lead you to serious crime
And this could have you sent to prison for quite a considerable length of time
Just leave that person to Karma what goes around comes around remains ever true
We do reap what we sow in Karma and what we do reap is our due.

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