Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March The First By Mushera

The first day of the calendar Spring in Duhallow on the birth of March dawn
The gray rain fogs of Mushera above Tooreenbawn
A light drizzle blowing in the chilly breeze
And songbirds are silent on bare deciduous trees
Though far milder weather with each dawn is near
It is cold and wet by Mushera at this time of year
The water flowing bank high in every stream and drain
And the weather forecasters predicting gales and heavy rain
On the high and bare fields by Mushera the sun will not shine today
And in the farmyard sheds cattle are bellowing for silage or hay
Though on the deciduous trees leaf buds to be seen
They soon will be wearing their new leaves of green
It is cold and wet by Mushera on the birth of Spring day
And going by the weather forecast more rain on the way.

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