Thursday, March 12, 2015

Nora Downey

Nora Sal O Sullivan as a young person left the Town of Millstreet
Beyond the borders of Duhallow there was adventure and new challenges in life for her for to meet
Far from the Town she was raised in destined for to live elsewhere
As one more to grow old in the big World out there

Born and raised in the Town near where Finnow waters flow
Her brothers Dennis and Kevin now deceased i did know
The Sal O Sullivans links to Millstreet to an old history belong
And the bond of belonging until death remains strong

In England Nora O Sullivan did have a change of surname
Through the union of marriage to her late husband Pat Nora Downey she became
As a photographer her late talented son Shaun P Downey in the W W W is deservedly widely known
One can say of him he was in a class of his own

She left Millstreet Town many decades ago
But time that rusts iron becomes everyone's foe
The Parish where her's was a known and loved face
Not destined to be for her a final resting place

A last Winter, Spring and Summer and Fall
The journey in life it does end for us all
And though the last breath of life from her may have gone
Good memories in family and friends of Nora Downey will surely live on.

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