Thursday, March 26, 2015

On An Email From Denis Murphy

I recently received an Email from Denis Murphy a friend from many years ago
Before we went on different life journeys and time became our foe
We were in school together and were friends into our lives prime
But i have not seen Denis for quite a long time

Time ticking on all of us and it does not tick slow
On his email he wrote of the young friends that he used to know
The Donovans, The Hickeys, The Taylors and the Rathduane Murphys John and Tim
To Denis the great gift of memory has been good to him

The late Anthony Price and Michael Kelleher Living in Australia he mentioned from his youthful past
Old memories do linger and until death seem to last
And Denis in his memories can go way back in time
To when he was a young boy long before his life's prime

He mentioned our deceased school teacher Bill O Keeffe and the late Humphrey Kelleher a great of Gaelic Football
Of the past only memories we are left with to recall
Of the Mahonys and the Carrolls of Inchaleigh good memories remain
When we think of our young years the past does live again

Time does tick along as young we do not stay
Some of Denis Murphy's grandchildren are young adults today
And time does not wait for anyone it ticks on and on
And only memories do live of the Seasons long gone

In view of old Clara today Denis is enjoying life
In his beloved Town of Millstreet where beauty is rife
And perhaps to his grandchildren stories of his younger years he does tell
Since the great gift of memory does serve him well.

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