Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Online Scammers

Believe me they are not and will never be rare
Of internet scammers there are more than a share
They have cheated lonely people out of their life savings no mercy to their victims they do show
Of them one can say they are the lowest of the low
Amongst those who bring upon humanity shame
They rank with the worst of people that one could name
To cheat a lonely innocent person out of his or her life's savings seems all wrong to me
How callous and selfish some people can be
Internet scammers the seeds of bad Karma for themselves only sow
Though Karma they do not fear and of it's workings do not wish to know
Some of them their victims never do meet
Though out of their life's savings them they do cheat
They do not have morals or any honor at all
Of them one can say in their ways they are small.

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