Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stephen Collins Foster

Stephen Collins Foster of Lawrence Pennsylvania died in a New York hospital when thirty seven years old
He was a very famous song writer whose story is often told
As a poverty stricken alcoholic but many of his songs do live today
Many claim him to be the greatest writer of songs of the U S of A

One hundred and fifty years after his death his legacy lives on
Through his songs he is remembered though the breath of life from him has gone
Camptown Races, Oh Susanna, My Old Kentucky Home and Old Black Joe
From the pen of the great song writer some fifteen decades ago

His great songs such as Hard Times, Old Folks At Home and Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair in pubs and clubs are sung Worldwide
That Stephen Collins Foster was a genius of him cannot be denied
That he was America's greatest song writer many would surely agree
But alcohol became his downfall for some how sad life can be

But his life it was not wasted since he left a legacy of joy
I heard the songs of Stephen Collins Foster sung by old men as a boy
To the future generations memorable songs he did give
As long as there is song and music his is a name that will live.

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