Saturday, March 7, 2015

Thanks All The Same

Since any deceased person i have known have not come back to me to tell
Of these supposed to be after life places of heaven and hell
Your ideas on this supposed after life and on how people should live
Little in food for thought to me does seem to give

For your religious beliefs i for one you do not begrudge
But have you the right to appoint yourself as my moral and religious judge?
Since i never tell anyone on what they should believe
Any advice on moral or theological issues from the dogmatic i find hard to receive

As a human being like me you are not without some flaw
But as well as observing human made you observe your god's law
But unlike you only human made laws i do try to obey
Since i do not have a god for to kneel to and pray

Of your right to what you believe in i would never deny
Which does make me wonder why you even bother to try
To convert me to your way of thinking which i do not believe in
Perhaps you should look elsewhere to your cause for new converts for to win

On what you believe in is your business and this suits me fine
Though your way of thinking will never be mine
On trying to convert me to your way of thinking you have been wasting your time
But thanks all the same for inspiring me to pen this rhyme.

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