Monday, March 16, 2015

The Butter Road

The Butter Road from Cork that ends in Millstreet Town
From Rylane up by Mushera and to Aubane does wind up and down
It used to be the road from Kerry to Cork many decades ago
But now beyond Millstreet on the old Butter Road only grass and briars grow

The old story tellers had many stories to tell
Of the horse and cart days when people traveled to Cork City their butter to sell
Their carts full of butter quite a heavy load
Which does explain for the name of the Butter Road

The narrow mountain road from Millstreet to Cork that winds it's way by Mushera and Togher bog
In late Fall and Winter often obscured by fog
A road quite dangerous to drive on in times of frost and snow
As motorists who drive on it of all too well do know

The steep in places Butter Road from Millstreet to Cork is quite a narrow roadway
But it does have an old history of it one can say
I have driven on it going back years in time
When i was a younger man in my life's prime.

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