Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Jealous Husband

Since she is the precious jewel of his life
The jealous husband possessive of his wife
She is thirty years and he is thirty one
With a seven year old daughter and a five year old son

Barrel chested, broad shouldered and in height rather tall
Compared to him most other males seem small
His wife with shoulder length dark hair, brown eyes, attractive and petite
One can say of her that she does look rather sweet

The jealous husband of curly brown hair and brown beard
Big possessive males like he is are people to be feared
The local young males any interest in her too fearful for to show
Since of the temper of her big jealous husband of they do know.

Even aged males not that far removed from death
By the jealous husband treated as a threat
Only female friends by him in his wife's life are allowed
By his aggressive attitude she feels intimidated and cowed

The jealous husband is one without a friend
And of his feelings he is not one to pretend
The man who would dare for to put the hard word on his wife
Would be one who does not put much value on his life.

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