Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Pioneers Of Change

Though many do look upon them as quite strange
The tribe-less individuals are the pioneers of change
For to follow leaders their kind never known
One can say of them they have minds of their own

The famous inventors, physicians, mathematicians and scientists of human history
Were never leaders in their local community
And they never did seek a high public esteem
Though they brought about change for the better it does seem

The famous composers, artists, writers and surgeons and technicians serve humanity well
Though their stories in book form never readily sell
Politicians and elite sports people and celebrities we so often hear of and read about
Though them humanity would not be that much worse off without

The doctors and teachers and nurses and social workers who give of their time free
For those who do live in extreme poverty
That to people's lives bring change for the better happens to be true
So let us give credit to where it is due.

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