Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Praises Of A Celebrity

The praises of a celebrity the impressionable masses may sing
But too much praise for the praised one may not be a good thing
For praise as the wise one so often has said
Is something that readily can go to one's head

Some egos are not that hard to swell at all
And even without praise they are never small
People with easy to inflate egos of any praise not in need
Since their egos already do seem quite inflated indeed

The humble of mind are becoming quite rare
And of the egotistical there are quite a share
Self love in moderation it is quite okay
But in the twenty first century moderation becoming endangered which seems sad to say

Yet the one the impressionable masses never do celebrate
The Reaper of Lives all big egos deflate
For the one who claims the lives of the wealthy and the poor one day
You never hear anyone shout hip hooray.

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