Sunday, March 29, 2015

We Are As Much A Part Of Nature

We are as much a part of Nature as much so as the birds and the bees
As much as the flora around us the grass, flowers and the bushes and trees
As much as all species of fish and animals the domesticated and the wild and free
We are of and belong to Nature this is how it does seem to me
When i say we are a part of Nature there are many to say i am wrong
But each to their own as they do say and i know to whom i belong
She is one of so many colors her beauty for all to be seen
She is known as Mother Nature and she is my Goddess and Queen
Many people believe in a Kingdom of an unseen God in the sky
Where post death good souls will go to for they do have wings for to fly
But i will return to Nature like the rabbit, the hare and the mouse
I was born as much of a mortal as the insect, earthworm and woodlouse
We are as much a part of Nature as the leaves that do grow on a tree
At least this is what i believe in though many with me may not agree.

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