Sunday, March 1, 2015

Where Dead People Lay

In every village and town and city and on every street
People with each other for success do compete
But for every individual all of this does come to an end one day
There are no competitions where dead people lay

Why do we have this urge in us that drives us to compete
For to be the best in business or the best athlete
Or the wealthiest or most popular one in the town
The need is in most for their place in renown

Though this in itself seems a sad thing to say
Money speaks every language it does seem this way
Everyday people compete for money and fame
In the Human World it does seem success is the big game

Suppose it is all about self centeredness as well as greed
That some people only think of their own need
And live for the self till the day they do die
Yet there should be more to life than me, myself and i

It is only the praises of those deemed to be successful the impressionable majority do sing
In a World where success remains as the in thing
But the Reaper of Lives on all lives has the final say
And there are no competitions for success where dead people lay.

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