Thursday, March 5, 2015

With The War Supposed To End All Wars

With the war supposed to end all wars all wars did not end
As this is something quite obvious why otherwise even try to pretend
Hundreds of people many of them civilians badly injured and dying in war zones every day
That nothing has been learned from wars of the past does seem such a sad thing to say
That people have not learned from lessons of past wars beyond me to understand
Everyday we read of and hear of death and destruction in conflicts for god and for land
Every day in the World in some town or city war is celebrated in a street parade
A sad reflection on humanity that in war and blood letting many heroes are made
There will not be peace in the World at least not in my lifetime
And by many Seasons i am one who has outlived my physical prime
War men and patriots and aging war heroes refuse for to allow memories of war for to fade
Everyday at some war memorial by an army bugler The Last Post is played
From life we are supposed to never stop learning till the day we do die
Though in some cases this does seem to be a lie.

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