Friday, March 27, 2015


A Town with a coal mining history though the mines there for decades closed down
Wonthaggi in coastal South Gippsland it is a historical Town
The descendants of migrants most of them Italian in Wonthaggi known to reside
Eight kilometers by car to the ocean a place that is known far and wide

The first people to live in South Gippsland were a tribe known as the Bunurong
They were the children of the Dreamtime remembered in story and song
Long before there was a Wonthaggi they lived and hunted and had their corroborees
On warm evenings in Summer in the cool shade of the tall trees

The most of the Wonthaggi miners in the Cemetery by Cameron Street lay
Honorable and honest and hard working people they labored hard for every pay
Yet no memorial in their honor and for them never a parade
It is never out of the lives of hard working people that heroes are known to be made

Wonthaggi in Southern Gippsland it is a historical Town
The mining strikes of the twentieth century is one of it's claims to renown
Once home to South Gippsland's first people the tribe known as the Bunurong
To an oral and ancient history of the Dreaming Time they did belong.

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