Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Cat Speaks

Some humans may blame my kind for small birds and small animals extinction
But of the demise of the thylacine the passenger pigeon and great auk we cannot claim the distinction
And the dodo of Mauritius was clubbed to death by sailors many decades ago
Than us felines humans to wildlife a far greater foe

To our credit we keep down the population of mice and of rats
And humans kill far more endangered species of wildlife than cats
Though at us some humans like to point the finger of blame
The destruction of natural habitat is not to our shame

As the spokes cat for cats in truth i can say
That humans kill far more creatures every day
Yes humans far more animals and birds and fish do kill
Than cats do and as long as there are creatures left to kill they always will

That us cats can be ruthless happens to be true
But many humans are even more ruthless this is to give them their due
But we share one thing in common it does seem to me
Many humans kill for enjoyment and pleasure and so too do we.

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