Monday, May 25, 2015

Far Greater In Old Millstreet Town

His short clipped hair greying did show traces of brown
He bragged of his Suburb and it's people of renown
But his brow in a furrow in a perplexed frown
When i told him far greater in old Millstreet Town

Tall and broad shouldered in his early forties and built like a bull
Of alcohol it did seem he was almost full
By the look on his face i could easily tell
That what i said to him with him did not go down well

He growled of your Millstreet can you to me name
The people from there who are worthy of fame
I said in Millstreet famed people by the score
Far too many to name at least a hundred or more

He spoke with a slurred voice through a gap in his teeth
Perhaps with his big mouth an angry fist did meet
A well known pub brawler one from a tough street
With him i decided i ought to keep sweet

For with him i had no wish for to pick a fight
That would leave me bruised and bleeding and a battered sight
My remark on Millstreet had pushed him to the brink
Though he did calm right down when i bought him a drink

Every-time now i do meet him in the local pub
He brags of his Suburb and their football club
I listen as he boasts of his men of renown
And never say far greater in old Millstreet Town.

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