Sunday, May 24, 2015

It Is True That Love

It is true that love is the greatest gift to the human mind
Without it people cannot be compassionate or generous or kind
Those with love are understanding and for those doing it tough feel sympathy
It is lack of love in an individual that causes lack of empathy
A lack of love does give rise to corruption and greed
Of many more with the marvelous gift of love the Human World is in need
There are so many kinds of love and all of them are great
And of love it is often said that more love it does create
There are many forms of human love far too many for to name
Those with love are non racist and treat everyone as the same
And those with love perform acts of kindness and do good deeds every day
And to help those in need of helping often go out of their way
It is true that love is the greatest gift bestowed on human kind
And the person who does have it has a beautiful mind.

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