Thursday, May 28, 2015

Matt Gilsenan

It has been many years how long i cannot say
Since Matt Gilsenan for Millstreet senior Gaelic Football did play
But sadly for the Millstreet Club with them his was a brief stay
A year or two from Duhallow found him further away

From County Monaghan for the Millstreet team a wonderful player
Tall and stylish and agile his kind always rare
On his leaving of Millstreet for his home far away
For the Club and it's supporters a very sad day

One never found to be wanting when put to the test
And never out of his depth against Cork County's best
With a mighty leap and quite quick on his feet
As good and this is saying something as the best of Millstreet

Perhaps the years have left him slower and gray
One can only wonder where he is today
A handsome fellow from Ulster for Millstreet fans to celebrate
In his prime Matt Gilsenan a Gaelic Football great

The memories of what was keep coming to me
On my flights of fancy big Matt i do see
Under intense pressure refusing to crack
From midfield driving Millstreet into attack

No player from Monaghan has played Gaelic Football for Millstreet since then
Matt Gilsenan he was a man amongst men
Every club of a few quality players as he was in need
He was a fine Gaelic Footballer indeed

Since Matt Gilsenan played for Millstreet many years ago
Time that rusts iron to many has become a foe
With pride and distinction he wore the green and gold
And surely his story deserves to be told.

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