Thursday, May 21, 2015

Move On In Your Life

Though the bad memories of a wrong done to us until death bound to last
Why burden your mind with grudges the past is the past
Harboring a grudge leads to hatred and causes thought decay
Move on in your life and do live in the day
Leave the one who has wronged you to Karma and in your life move on
Tomorrow will dawn and yesterday has gone
Revenge never does solve anything two wrongs never make a right
Those who live in the darkness never see the light
On revenging your mind on one who has wronged you is not good for you
If you are harboring a grudge to your higher self you cannot be true
Harboring a grudge does lead to hatred and can lead to serious crime
And pay back can have you in Jail for years of time
And live in the now and try to enjoy your gift of life
For you will not hear laughter where hatred is rife.

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