Saturday, May 23, 2015

Renowned Survivors

It is said that one breeding female mouse gives birth to forty young a year
Words of the experts on rodents that i read of and hear
Forty young in twelve months does seem quite a lot to me
If this be true the mother mouse has a huge family

In Australia's grain country in the Fall the mice plagues quite a sight
The grain that they do not eat they are known to destroy of a grain crop overnight
A mouse on virtually every head of ripened grain an amazing sight to see
A man who had witnessed such a thing i recall once told me

Billions of mice are poisoned every year but their kind somehow survive
Where most other creatures would starve to death the tiny rodents thrive
To breed often and give birth to many young perhaps is Nature's way
For the female mice to insure the survival of their kind those in the know do say

That mice will never become extinct is a fact none can deny
Their main means of survival is they quickly multiply
In the mice plagues in Australia thousands of acres of grain by them are destroyed
And that they are renowned survivors of them cannot be denied.

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