Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tony Abbott

Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott in his ways is so small
He believe on a fair go for some only but not on a fair go for all
By his Government's offshore incarceration of boat people he is anti refugee
A hypocritical person is how he seems to be
Tony Abbott is anti gay rights in his opposition to marriage equality
He will never be a great leader of the twenty first century
By his negative policies one can assume that he has taken note
That Australia like most Countries has a huge conservative as well as a redneck vote
For to keep the majority of voters on side to Tony it is obviously clear
That you got to be able to play to their fear
By his fear mongering on terrorists and terrorism he keeps many voters on side
That Tony loves power just for power sake of him cannot be denied
It would indeed be a huge Worldwide surprise
If Tony Abbott was ever short listed for the Nobel Prize.

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