Friday, June 5, 2015

A Moyne Shire Winter's Day

The freshening breeze from the ocean in it has a slight cool sting
On the fourth day of June three months from the first of the calendar Spring
The rain from the gray sky is drizzling down
On the green countryside five kilometers out of the town
Though the flute of the magpie at times one does hear
A typical day for the time of year
In the coastal Moyne Shire between Koroit and Warrnambool
The weather in Winter often wet and cool
A countryside that surely could do with more trees
As a windbreak from the gales and the often strong breeze
That often blows inland from the Pacific Shore
At speeds of eighty kilometers sometimes even more
In early June and Winter three months from the Spring and in truth one can say
That this is a typical Moyne Shire's Winter's day.

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