Sunday, June 7, 2015

From The Far Away Town

He has lived in this suburb for fifty years of his life
And here raised his children with his beautiful and devoted wife
She died of cancer in her mid fifties his grief in her passing was healed in the shedding of tears
He has lived without love for fifteen lonely years
He often does think of his first home far away
Where he knows all too well he would feel a stranger today
Many of those he grew up with in the home town did not stay
And some of them at peace forever does lay
In the neighborhood where he has lived for decades to some he is known
But where he will never be seen as one of their own
In his mid seventies a nine times a grandfather showing his years in gray
One can say of him he has known a better day
An aging migrant far from where he used to live when his hair was dark brown
Here he will die as the man from the far away town.

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