Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Have Seen Just A Little

I have seen just a little of the big World out there
Since i left the green countryside far north of here where
My eyes first looked on the bright lamp of day
From here by sky thousands of kilometers away

From the fields of the badger and the silver back crow
Where Finnow's babbling waters to the Blackwater flow
To this far Southern Land of the emu and roo
And the big dark brown parrot yellow tailed black cockatoo

Many Springs have gone by since i last have seen
Snowdrops, bluebells and primroses on the ditch of bohreen
Nodding in the breeze in April's drizzling rain
Only memories of what was with me now remain

The lust of the wander did carry me south
Of the stream of the dipper and the wild brown trout
New challenges in life elsewhere for to meet
But no nuggets of gold to be picked on the faraway street

All i have left are the good memories of the what used to be
And so much of the big World out there i am never to see
The roadways of life i have been up and down
Since i left the green countryside by Millstreet Town.

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