Monday, June 1, 2015

I Have Seen Things Of Beauty

I have seen old Finnow in flood waters of brown
Flowing bank high in the rushy fields by Millstreet Town
And i have seen the dark Hopkins near where the surf waves do roar
Lapping on the sandbanks of the Pacific shore

I have heard the Bells of St Davids a pleasant memory that is with me today
Carrying in the freshening breeze on a balmy evening in May
And in the woods of The Catskills i have heard the male red cardinal sing
A beautiful voice of the northern Spring

When the cold winds of Japan above the high ground did blow
I have seen old Mt Fuji in a blanket of snow
In the cool Winter sun standing peaceful and bright
How could one ever forget such a beautiful sight

By Mt Rouse in south western Victoria i saw a brown hare
Breast suckling her leveret a sight to human eyes very rare
As the gray clouds of darkness were darkening the sky
I watched as i sat in my parked car nearby

In Nature there is so much beauty for to see
It is all around you and it is all around me
So little of the big World out there i have seen
But i have seen things of beauty in everywhere i have been.

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