Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lake Pertobe

A place for it's beauty that is known far and wide
Where many different species of waterbirds reside
Lake Pertobe from Warrnambool City a kilometer away
A nice place to visit any time of year or any day

Where swamphen, dusky moorhen, and coot can be seen all year round
And chestnut teal and gray teal and silver gull and black duck in numbers often abound
And grebe and great egret, pink eared duck, spoonbill and the rare blue billed duck
Can sometimes be sighted if you are in luck

Where black swan, pelican and shoveler and hardhead visit from time to time
Old Lake Pertobe the inspiration of story and rhyme
A lake in a park with a natural charm of it's own
To many tourists Park Lake Pertobe is very well known

From Lake Pertobe by the City of Warrnambool and to the Pacific ocean near
On a calm day the rolling surf waves one often does hear
A safe haven for waterbirds and quite a beautiful place
Where of human created pollution there is never a trace.

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