Saturday, June 13, 2015

Live And Let Live

Live and let live is such a beautiful phrase
On such a life philosophy one can only heap praise
If everyone practiced it how much better off humanity would be
It would be a much better World for all to live in would you not agree
Live and let live to all things in human life ought to apply
If it did their human rights those with power of anyone would not deny
But the workings of the majority of human minds does not operate in this way
And will not in my lifetime which does seem sad to say
In a Human World where many cannot say they do not have a foe
Live and let live may never be so
In a World where we are ruled by the peddlers of fear
Far too much of us against they from them we do hear
The saying of live and let live is such a beautiful thing
And the praises of it i feel happy to sing.

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