Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Her shoulder length hair it is silver gray
Mindy is aging in a graceful way
Yet she retains much of her beauty though she is growing old
For one in her mid seventies quite attractive to behold

Last year her husband of fifty years Joe passed away
Of cancer though sick for months he fought for life till his last day
In the local cemetery his last remains lay
She misses him far more than words could ever say

Six times a great grandmother her physical best years long gone
But the will it is in her to keep on keeping on
Walking in the park her i often does see
She always does smile and say good day to me

Devoted to her family and to Joe she was a good wife
Mindy does retain her great love of life
Though Joe's illness and death on her a heavy cross
She gets on with living life despite her loss

People like Mindy are a pleasure to know
One can say of her she has the inner glow
Though life must be sad for her since the death of Joe
When out walking to everyone she meets she smiles and says hello.

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