Saturday, June 6, 2015

No Matter What You achieve

No matter what you achieve in life for you a last living day
And you cannot take it with you as the wise one does say
The Reaper of lives a visit to you will pay
Like all other life forms we are born as mortals this is Nature's way
Nature is the only immortal and this is not a lie
Like all of her other life forms us humans are born to eventually die
The pauper in death is equal to the deceased billionaire
And mortality with the sheep and the cow in common we do share
You may be looked up to by many as the most successful person in the town
But if in your words or your deeds you do drag others down
Then by your behavior you are very small
And you are not a good living person at all
A good living person does help anybody of helping in need
And every day of a better World to live in does plant a new seed.

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