Sunday, June 21, 2015

On A Terrible Beauty Is Born

No doubt one of the great poets of the twenty first century one of Ireland's best William Butler Yeats
Amongst the poets of the English language by the literary critics considered as one of the greats
But one of his famous poems A terrible Beauty Is Born a poem that glorifies beauty in death
To me is not true to beauty did Yeats not fight for his last living breath?

A Terrible Beauty Is Born was inspired by the executed leaders of the nineteen sixteen Easter Rising in Dublin but in death beauty i cannot see
The only beauty i know of is living i see it every day everywhere around me
In death to me there never is beauty and in post rigor mortis only the stench of decay
But then we all look at things very differently this is how it does seem anyway

The executed nineteen sixteen Easter Rising leaders in Dublin are heroes and will remain so in the decades ahead
But i often do wonder of heroes how come the majority of them are dead?
Yeats in noble patriotic death see great beauty but i look at things quite differently
Beauty to me it is living i see it in the flowers on the magnolia tree

A Terrible Beauty Is Born is a great poem and praise to it's long deceased author is due
And that Yeats was a poet for the ages only happens for to be true
In the brutal murders of good and brave men he see a terrible beauty his great poem is living today
But i only see living beauty and it is not where dead people lay.

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